Tuesday, February 7, 2012

January Lab results

The month was pretty solid with less than 5 cheat days.  Pretty much a constant stream of eggs, beef, fish, veggies and berries.  I was rewarded with an average of 85 morning blood sugar.  I was looking forward to my lab results coming back with some solid numbers.  I was a bit dissapointed

Original                                       December                             January
HDL - 29                                    HDL - 37                              HDL - 35
Triglycerides - 276                      Triglycerides - 148                 Triglycerides - 139
LDL - 93                                    LDL - 118                              LDL - 101
VLDL - Not tested before           VLDL - 30                            VLDL - 28

Slight dips in everything - INCLUDING HDL.  Very frustrating.  It appears it takes more than a steady stream of saturated fat to increase HDL for me.  If it had even been a slight uptick I probably would have stuck with what I was doing.  Since it didn't I am upping the ante by adding 100mg of Niacin to my daily routine.  I'll let you know what comes of it

I am also adding a bit more carbs to my meals.  That will mainly mean adding some rice to my near daily mongolian grill and berries to my dinner.  My morning blood sugar was rising even thought my diet wasn't really changing.  I think this is because of increased insulin resistance due to eating VLC.  Gonna add some back.  I can already tell you that morning blood sugar has dropped back into 80's after a day.