Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blood Pressure improving slowly but surely

Inspired by this Hacker's Diet tactic of taking a running 10 day average of weight, I did the same thing with my blood pressure readings.  I think this one speaks for itself.
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I think a couple of interesting notes come from this
  • Other than Vitamin C, there was no magic bullet that had an obvious immediate impact.  There is no dramatic drop at any point, but I think the trend is pretty clear.  I can only conclude that reduction in carbs, increase in potassium, addtion of Vitamin C, and regular emWaving has had a cumulative effect.
  • I think this 10 day average technique is good for things that have a lot of noise.  There are a lot of variables that make tracking blood pressure difficult. The smoothing that a 10 day average gives makes the trend clearer than a simple graph of every data point
  • From a motivational perspective, this is invaluable.  I can now stop freaking out over a single bad morning measurement and have faith that I am on the right track in one fell swoop.

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  1. Have you seen this? A good explanation.

    More details here:

    My uncle used the Water Cure for his high blood pressure --- and it worked really well. He was amazed. The salt is the key -- must be taken with the water, either on the tongue or in the water.

    Thanks to Dave Asprey, I came across your post on the vitamin D and sleep. Very interesting. Makes we want to get a Zeo, too. Thanks for writing. I'm gonna keep up with you for awhile.