Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What am I going to work on

I am not interested in quantifying for the sake of itself.  There are a couple of items I specifically want to work on

  • Sleep - I don't have any particular sleeping issues.  I know the difference in how I feel and perform after a good nights sleep so I would like to maximize that.  Ultimately, I would like to reduce the number of hours I sleep while still deriving all the benefits of longer sleep
  • Blood Pressure - I am currently prescribed medicine, for my blood pressure.  This is annoying for several reasons and I will be working to eliminate the need for that.
  • Productivity - This will largely be a subjective measurement.  1-5 scale
  • Sneezing - I am allergic to something.  I dont know what it is.  I'm going to track it down.
  • Appearance - I wanna look good.  More Muscle.  Less Fat.  There are ways to quantify this, but unfortunately it is a slow process so there will be big gaps.  Less easy to iterate.
Anyone who has any theories on how to affect any of these...I am looking for ideas.  Send them my way

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