Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First four nights of data and the first sleep experiment

Have completed the first four nights of data collection with the Zeo.  Initially, I had intended to get a whole weeks worth of data before experimenting began.  However, there are a few patterns that are so obvious I am going to go ahead and work on them.

First, the data with a little commentary

Friday night...note the transition from Deep to Light right before 2.  This was the result of some drunks outside my window.  Notice all the waking that happens after 6.

Saturday night (Sunday morning) I took a nap that afternoon so sleepy time didn't happen till 4.  Notice the near total lack of Deep (I'm not sure if something happened at 5 to wake me up)  Again, notice all the waking after 6.

Sunday night - Worked out during the day.  Didnt seem to cause any notable change.  41 minutes of Deep.  Again, notice all the waking after 6.

Monday Night -  Almost don't want to count this night since I woke up a little before 6 and instantly went to check the data.  Feel I may have thrown it off. 37 minutes of Deep.

So two issues instantly pop out (you see where this is going?).  The waking up around 6....I can only assume is related to sunrise.  This is a surprise.  I would not have guessed this would be an issue (which is why I didn't have a sleep mask on the things I wanted to test) Except for Monday, whenever I go to sleep I start spending a lot of time awake after 6. 

Second is the low amount of Deep.  I haven't felt especially refreshed after any of these nights.  My REM sleep is above average (on the high side in fact) and my Deep is on the low end.  That makes me think  the lack of Deep sleep is preventing me from feeling great.

The sunrise issue can probably be dealt with pretty easily.  I already have a sleep mask and if that showed great results, I have already priced out some black out curtains.  However, I dont think that is going to be too helpful.  On workdays, I generally don't sleep too much past 6 anyway and it would probably only add to my REM or light sleep which I am getting plenty off.

I am going to test the orange glasses as a way of increasing Deep sleep.  The theory being that my brain will be shutting down while I wear them so when I finally hit the sack I will drop down to Deep.  I am going to try to wear them at least an hour before going to bed. 

If the theory is correct, than the results should be pretty instantaneous.  Next entry will be after three nights of data.

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